HTV offers all a broad range of exciting new products and standard components from its new showroom located at 158 Coonawarra Road Winnellie

Our range of stock is comprehensive and includes TV Antennas, Wall Mounts, Amplifiers, Mounting Brackets for roof and wall, Extension Poles, Splitters, Wall Plates, Cable and every Connector and adapter you will ever need. This comes with all the professional advice or complete templates if required to DIY or if you wish we can arrive at your door and solve all your TV problems. We specialize in complete fit out of your home with today's most advanced digital products to give you access to all data and all available AV Media Entertainment. We have complete VAST digital TV satellite systems and replacement parts for either the traveler or the remote viewer. A complete on the road traveler system has evolved over the last five years and is a combination of the best dish, mount, Electronics and Signal Finder available also comes with a training session so you know how to align easily when your on the road. Our capacity for static satellite systems including design, DIY options or end to end installations have encompassed single TV sites up to sites with in excess of 200 TV viewing points including subscription services, data and telephony all from the ground up in remote environmen

Our motto is "beyond best practice" We strive to deliver all our projects on time and to the highest standards.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

The team at HTV

A Bit About Us

"Beyond best practice"

satellite_install Homesat TV(HTV) was founded in Darwin in 1992. Initially the company focused on satellite delivered television technologies within the Darwin region. By the end of the decade Homesat TV had moved into a broader range of satellite communication platforms. Over time HTV have become experts in VSAT (2-way internet and VOIP), capable of setting up high speed internet and voice communications with full access to all existing phone subscribers both nationally and overseas, these call costs are often cheaper than a standard connection. HTV has worked extensively in Western Australia and Queensland and also in East Timor, Malaysia and Brunei installing VSAT communications and TV /radio reception. HTV not only covers complex corporate jobs but also services the Darwin area's digital TV needs. We install residential UHF antennas (type of antenna needed to receive digital), install satellite dishes for network and pay TV, re-align dishes or simply install a suitable digital splitter, cable and wall plate for an extra room viewing point. All work is regarded as a showcase of our professional attitude, and photographed for historical data access.

"Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight?"

- Al Boliska

From big mining companies to residential units, HTV has got you covered. We offer complete packages to corporate clients. As an example of our capacity in remote areas, we recently provided a combination of 12 Subscription/Network TV channels and installed the distribution cable to in excess of 700 viewing points within a workers complex at Alyangula, Groote Eylandt. We offer a standard installation module that carries two phones (VOIP) with two PC work stations within your site office and a network TV/Radio service for the Crib Room/ Mess. This can be optioned to include a transmitted broadcast radio service for 24 hour reception by mining operators (Mobile) on remote mine sites.

Digital Television

Why do I need to change?

homesat_darwin With Analog TV entering it's dying days, if you haven't already switched to digital it's probably time you did. Not only are you missing out on a feast of extra TV stations, you can receive a far better quality picture. High definition pictures are available on digital only. To receive digital TV your television must have an in-built tuner or else you must get a set-top-box.

We have a range of top quality digital antennae for sale. Whether you live in Humpty Doo or the CBD we have the digital solution for you. Here is a list of the digital channels currently available in Darwin and surrounds:

  • ABC 1, 2, 3
  • ABC News 24
  • SBS 1, 2, 3 and SBS 1 HD
  • SCTV and SCTV HD
  • SEVEN2
  • SEVEN Mate
  • NINE
  • GO
  • GEM
  • TEN and ONE HD

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Internet Options

  • Satellite Broadband
    High speed 2 way satellite internet


Homesat TV is now a subsidiary of CCSNT

New Product!

Wireless Electricity Monitor: This device measures your electricity usage and allows you to monitor precisly what your household electrical products are using. It calculates the cost according to your tariff rates and lets you track and store usage via your PC. It helps you reduce your electricity bills and in consequence lowers your greenhouse emmisions as an assist towards helping the environment. A constant auditing tool for quick reference anytime.

Satellite Internet

Can't get ADSL or Wireless? If you live in a remote area and don't have access to ADSL you can avail of the Government Broadband Guarantee. To find out more call us on

Homesat TV Dish Mounts

Having a robust satellite dish mount is undoubtedly the most important aspect of an installation in Northern Australia. At HTV we have developed a range of approved certifiable mounts for roof, ground and wall situations that satisfy the various regional cyclonic requirements.

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